London’s new LN-CC store launched online a few months ago, an exceptional selection from the likes of Rick Owens, Damir Doma and Raf Simons, for men and women, with the addition of the amazing Raf Simons Archive, the best curated selection of books and music I’ve seen. The physical store is now open, and just like its online concept, it brings something genuinely new to the table.

LN-CC’s concept store space has been designed by celebrated set designer Gary Card. This project is more than just a store, it’s an evolving platform of curated ideas encompassing clothing, music and art in both a physical and digital environment.

The concept space is more of an installation piece than a traditional shop fit. The store consists of three concept rooms, a book and record store, a music room for private events, a working studio and is linked together by an indoor forest and futuristic skeletal tunnel constructed from raw wood and orange acrylic.

Each room has it’s own theme that as a whole embodies the LN-CC concept.

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Forest Space:

Light Space:

Skeletal Space:

Celestial Space:

Warmth Space:

Earth Space:

Sound Space: