With the London 2012 Olympics coming sooner than you think, London is starting to take shape for the world’s biggest sporting event. Bus-Tops is a digital art project  already  launched in London on the top of 30 shelters in 20 boroughs.

It is part of a wider programme of 12 public art commissions being rolled out around the country and in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Turner Prize nominated artist Mark Titchner is one of the first to have his work displayed – a series of inspirational commands and motivational challenges such as ‘Act or be Acted Upon’ and ‘If you don’t like your life, you can change it’.

Members of the public will also get the chance to have their work displayed, by creating it on the Bus-Tops website and submitting it to curators.

Mr Titchner’s contribution is based on a month-long self-improvement programme. There are 31 slogans which will be changed daily and he said the idea is to have very quick messages which people can carry with them on their journeys.

“They are really direct,” he told the BBC. “I’m quite interested in the way language can communicate meaning. In a way the slogans are entirely empty so they need people to actually apply them to their lives to really mean anything.”