The Love & Guts: Eyes Wide Open show will be hitting New York City this Friday at the Red Bull Space located in SoHo. The show kicks off at 7pm and will go until 10pm with an after party to follow. The theme centers around skaters that have tragically lost their lives way before their time and to commemorate their legacies Lance Mountain, Pat Ngoho, Steve Olson, Steve Caballero, Giovanni Reda, Chad Muska, Don Pendelton, Armando Roura, Dennis McNett and Ivory & Shelter Serra have all come together in what promises to be a great exhibition. This will be happening as part of the Maloof Cup, so it should be a really special event with so many people in town for the contest.

Check out these three commercials filmed by Kirk Dianda of Element featuring Caballero, Mountain and Ngoho, as well as portraits taken by Amber B. of the three skaters.