A few weeks ago we made mention of Oakley’s Love & Guts: Eyes Wide Open art exhibition, which took place in New York City during the Maloof Cup skateboarding competition, and now we offer you a look at what went down at the show. Eyes Wide Open featured an impressive lineup of skateboarding legends mixed in with some of today’s most recognizable skateboarders and artists. Folks such as Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, Steve Olson, Pat Ngoho, Chad Muska, Armando Roura, Don Pendelton, Giovanni Reda, Dennis McNett, and Ivory & Shelter Serra all took part in this exhibition dedicated to skaters who lost their lives far too soon. With NYC being such a legendary street skating spot, a special emphasis was placed on two of the city’s most beloved skaters: Andy Kessler and Harold Hunter.

Thanks to Complex for the additional photos.