anthony lister

The Letterheads exhibition is a re-visioning of the English alphabet by 26 of the most influence contemporary artists in the world today, ranging from emerging to established and representing the fields of illustration, cartoon, fine art, graffiti, street art and graphic design. Each artist will work with a single letter to create a display of the entire alphabet. The collection consists of 26 black wooden, framed float mounted, portrait orientation paintings of 100cm x 75cm.The Letterheads 2010 collection will highlight the English alphabets ubiquity in art and design, offering its audience insight into the roll that letter form and the concepts of the alphabet play into the artwork of the artists and the genre they represent.

Melbourne Letterheads 2010 will be on free display from the 26th of February until the 19th of March at an art space called 1000£Bend in Melbourne city. The 500 square meter space will be open from 9am – 7pm daily. Letterheads is also scheduled for Sydney in April as well as possibly Taiwan and Tokyo, TBA.

Artists involved include Anthony Lister, She One, KR aka Krink, SP One and Usugrow. Curated by Alexander Mitchell and James Reka. 

A limited edition book will be on sale at the show and at key art and design bookstores in Australia which will feature artwork from the collection and interviews with each artist. A64 page, hard slipcover, perfect bound book, printed on high quality KWD Dogget paper.

www will be frequently updated with breaking news and interviews.

Image above Anthony Lister.

james reka

James Reka


SP One