Being a artist in the art scene here in New York, how would you describe yourself and what makes you different from the rest. “Nothing, everyone including me is out here busting their fucking asses to please the public, so they can tell us what’s cool and what’s not!”

Amongst fellow renown artists friends in the New York art scene, creator M11X has recently been creating art fusion pieces that stand in a class of their own. With his Eames Hot Rod Boombox sound sculpture which served as the album cover of “Verve: Remixed 4,” he elevated the iconic image of music, creating a sound sculpture that showed the boundless limits of a contemporary canvas and its function thru a new creative nature. Again, fully functional-able, he created the Bolen Serato Husky 72 for holiday season album cover: “Verve: Remixed 5.” It’s a classic revamped snowmobile with a DJ dream table set up built right on, all tied in with Serato, the boundless turntable’s technology’s answer. His capabilities of blending the vintage with contemporary art elements, has brought upon massive interest by many other companies looking to brand=2 themselves with a hot ticket of one of a kind authenticity artists.

“My works are about taking the headphones out of people’s ears and putting music in the air, where it’s free, and I have no disregards to people’s hang-ups on loud music, I just want my art to speak to a point where it’ll get noise complaints.I want to it to bring it to a high enough volume, so that people can hear it past and beyond simply NYC.”