In our subculture there is a small elite group of people whose impact on the scene will never be doubted, their charisma and the movements they created is untouched by any pretender. Malcolm Mclaren, was not just one of these people, but possibly the most important of them all.

Today we mourn the loss of one of the most influential people popular culture has ever seen, and more importantly been touched by. Mclaren might be best known as the outspoken former manager of the Sex Pistols, but that was only a small part of what he achieved and how he impacted our world. The creation of his London based Let it Die, with Vivienne Westwood, later to be renamed SEX, was and still is one of the most important places not just in retail but in the culture as a whole. When you look at who leads the influence over street culture today, its clear in so many ways how strongly affected by Mclaren in one form or another almost all of these people were.

Mclaren, was driven and outspoken, he had ambitions beyond any, but it was the power you could feel when he was in the room that proved just how strong this man was.