London based graphic designer Mark Ward tries to supply a sense of reality and humour in a world full of Z list celebrities and hype. Like a glace cherry gone rotten, Mark’s work references the everyday mundane and injects it into the ever out-of-reach fantasy world of the glossy media. Influences range from skateboard graphics, punk flyers and Americana to packaging, signage and the other wonderful sights of South London.

Since graduating from the illustrious Central St. Martins, Mark’s work has been used internationally across a variety of media, and for company’s that include Nike, Stussy, Medicom, Gimme Five to name a few. Mark uses a variety of media to create his work, and varies his tone towards the subject matter. Preferring to use a mix of spray paint, acrylic and his paint splattered Mac, Mark creates work with fresh concepts and execution.

Mark Ward is set to launch a show at Slam City Skates called ‘Hand Rendered Hype’ in conjunction with Crooked Tongues. This epic exhibition includes some bright names in the UK scene making for a must see.

‘Hand Rendered Hype’ runs from 14th August to 4th September.