British photographer Martin Parr has just opened a comprehensive new instillation at the Baltic Gallery in Newcastle, England.  Not only does it feature his latest project “Luxury” a typically ironic and critical take on society’s obsession with displays of wealth, it includes an exhibition of photographs that have inspired him, plus his collection of photography books (one of the biggest in the world) and most interestingly a display of his obsessive collection of weird and wonderful objects from around the world from Miner’s strike propoganda to Spice Girls chocolates and controversial items such as Osama Bin Laden toilet paper and Nazi Christmas decorations.  A truly amazing insight into the mind of one the UK’s most idiosyncratic photographers through the satrical context of popular culture ephemera.


The Guardian shot an interview with Martin where he takes us round the instillation, discussing his influences and showing us some of his favourite items.  Check it out here.