MSAGallery is pleased to announce “The Beauty Of Grey”, a series of works and installation by Oslo-based stencil artist Martin Whatson, in what will be his debut solo exhibition in Paris. This will be the third consecutive pop-up shows presented by MSAGallery in a temporary space located at: 4 Rue Henri Feulard, Paris.

Martin Whatson is a young Norwegian based artist. He originally studied Art and Graphic Design but after having discovered stencils and the urban art scene, this has become the field, in which, he is producing his art today. In fact, Marting Whatson is a very productive artist and has exhibited his works on several shows world wide. He uses various objects as mentioned above, and challenges the classic conventions of artistic creation. He seeks to find and express the beauty in something, which is commonly dismissed as ugly. Both when it comes to the objects he uses and the motives and compositions he creates.

Martin Whatson welcomes his viewer into a surreal urban world, haunted by angels and a naked Carla Bruni. Being an urban artist, his works are colorful, ironic and almost cartoon-lookalikes – but certainly with a deeper comment to the more serious things going on in the society.