The iconic bar from New York has popped up in Miami simultaneously with Art Basel festivities. We went to see the bar during the day to get some inside shots for you to see the space without its jam packed expected audience at night.

The light blue building with red ‘Max Fish’ writing looks like a page out of a Dr. Seuss book but inside is an arts lovers dream. A small pool table covered in the industries biggest names stickers; Vans, Supreme and A New York Thing. The bar was a mix mash of Krink drips, Scott Cambell’s dollar bills, Neckface t-shirts and tote bags for sale and somewhere buried beneath was of course; alcohol.

Sitting enjoying your drink on raw wooden benches, the surrounding walls were covered in various collages, paintings and photographs from the art world finest. A small stage in the end lends its hand to a band’s set up equipment and a prime DJ set up in the corner gives away the potential of the nights antics.

Outside we found ample Krink drips all over the walls, more wooden bench seats and large scale trees and bushes framed by a zen-looking bamboo fence. It was warm yesterday so the outside would definitely be the prime sit-down location.

After purchasing the iconic Max Fish tees we left finding the surround blocks concrete walls littered in tags, bombs and stencils from local kids and artists hoping to get noticed by the Max Fish crowds. And it sure does pull a crowd.

Thanks to O.H.W.O.W for bringing the icon to add to the festivities.