Hillbilly Magazine have compiled a great read by interviewing artist Max Snow, and the topics of conversation aren’t quite conventional so I suggest you take time out to have a read. “Max Snow talks exclusively to Hillbilly Magazine about dark forces, brawling with meatheads, his haunting aesthetic and puppies and rainbows?”

Hillbilly : I’ve noticed that when you photograph women in your more recent work there usually exists a completely black background whereas in “Lock, Stock & Teardrops” which features men that these shots are usually straight on and with an all white background. Is this a conscious thing or just a pleasing aesthetic to you?

Max Snow : I choose to photograph the women against a black background because it lends a more mythological feel. Its my favorite scenario to shoot against night as opposed to a black wall, there are things beyond your sight that you don’t necessarily know are there… mostly there are just hints of them but they exist. With those images, they are also mostly drawn from my imagination and I tend to fantasize about women more than men. When I choose to shoot against a white background its for more of what I consider to be documentary work, though to me its less artistic than that sounds. To me I consider those portraits to be more of a scientific study. Like a Botanist photographing plants in different stages of decay. Studying specimens so that we can study them later and understand them. I consider people to be more interesting than plants unless of course they have hallucinogenic properties.

Hillbilly : Your work deals with the darker sides and forces of our nature. Do you think that is a manifestation of personal experiences, grievances or is it something that you have always gravitated to perhaps out of curiosity?

Max Snow : I probably exist in a different realm than most people but I think it is undeniable that ‘the darker sides and forces of our nature’ are much more interesting to study than what creates a rainbow, for example. Everyone is different though I suppose, and I’m sure some people like to insulate themselves and refuse to believe in the existence of, lets call it the “dark side”… maybe its simply that I take different drugs than they do. I’m also a pretty cold-hearted son of a bitch; Byron is more eloquent “Bereft of tears I inward turned to stone.”Pretty pictures of puppies and landscapes do not move me. I also find that things that are initially beautiful do not have lasting power for me and it is the things which one must spend time with, learn, study, be allowed to grow on you that have staying power.

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