This coming Saturday, HVW8 and Megane Zine play host to a new show featuring the work of a number of Japanese Artists alongside Ed Templeton. Megane Zine is a regular publication aimed at introducing artwork of young, up-coming Japanese artists to the United States. “Megane” is Japanese for “glasses”, Megane Zine focuses it lens on the inspired achievements of artists.

HVW8 Art + Design Gallery
661 N. Spaulding Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036, USA
Tel: 323.655.4898
Saturday Jan. 9th, 2010



ED TEMPLETON. Starting as a pro skater in the US, Templeton has since established his own skateboard company TOY MACHINE and became art director of the company in 1993. His lifework was introduced in the documentary short film “Deformer”, directed by Mike Mills. He is a west coast artist and photographer and was seen in the film “Beautiful Losers”.


JUN OSON. Jun is an artist born in 1979. His works appeared on 2K T-shirt, Beams T and more. He won the “The Shift 2007 Calendar Competition” and “Adobe Sugoroku Awards 2007.” His work is based on Japanese Manga Art.


YUSUKE HANAI. Yusule participated in “The Happening NYC” show and “The Greenroom Festival Japan.” He is also a good surfer in Japan. He was influenced by The Road and The Sky, along with music and surf culture in 60’s to 70’s.


ANAMACHY PAINTING. Their works combine painting, advertising and more. Yosuke Kaneko (b. 1976, Japan) are part of the Viwa (Madara-zu) series, GUGAA&MUGAA series. They flourish in the graphic design sector often creating works for clothing companies, interior design firms, and media outlets as well as exhibiting work in galleries all over Japan. Their work has been used by GQ, Esquire, and in several TV shows.


SHINPEI ONISHI. Shinpei Onishi (b. 1978, Tottori, Japan) Created the Kanako series. He is a graphic designer, Illustrator and artist.


MAYA NUKUMIZU. Maya is an artist born in 1982. Since finishing her master’s degree of Kyoto University of Art and Design in 2007, she has been actively creating works. She drew attention to her talent has an undergraduate, winning many awards including the grand prizes of “The 5th ’21st Century Asian Design Competition'” and “ARTBEAT Kyoto 2005”. She was selected to exhibit at “ART AWARD TOKYO 2007”. Her work is highly received as a new type of Japanese artist whose style can be called “NEW POP”. In her work, the subject matter such as pop girls, weapons, combat planes are often drawn and arranged on a geometrically graphic surface. The girls in her work have an almost extreme femininity with rich and long streaming hair, overly long eyelashes, and skin-exposing tightly fitted outfits. They are drawn with weapons as “fighting girls”. Many of the “fighting girls” in Japanimation and in Manga represent a perverted existence, created by men for themselves. The characters by Nukumizu are, on the contrary, created by a woman, for women, positively accepting “the power of woman/femininity”.


YU NAGABA. Yu was born in 1976 in Tokyo. He is a graphics designer, illustrator, and came up with the idea for the character, “Kaeru-Sensei”, which literally means Teacher Frog. He also created graphics for clothes, TV show, websites and more.


LY. Ly loves black and white. Her works make you think of death and sexual imagery.


HIDEHITO SHINNO. Hidehito is a young graphic artist from Aichi, Japan. He learned design at school in his home town of Nagoya. His works appeared in Beams T and more. He won the “The Shift 2006 Calendar Competition” award.


KOICHIRO TAKESUE. He was born in 1974 in Aomori, Japan. He has been living in Tokyo. He won the ENLIGHTENMENT “Awakening Sence” in 2005 – 2006. He exhibited his work in galleries all over Japan.