An integral part of the YBA movement, Michael Landy made his name with his 2001 work “Break Down” where he destroyed all his possessions, his latest exhibition sees him return to his destructive tendencies to examine the role of subjectivity in the attribution of value, as well as the significance of emotional attachments, with  “Art Bin”.  The exhibition,  which opens on Friday at the South London Gallery, features an enormous 600m³ bin will gradually be filled up with discard works of art as a living monument to creative failure.


Exposing the ultimate power and influence of both perceived and actual monetary value, the work also questions the relationship between ownership and authorship. ‘Art Bin’ toys with the role of art institutions in making and possibly breaking careers, acknowledges their important role in the art market, and makes reference to the derision with which contemporary art is sometimes treated.

ML bin man 17 72dpi

Everyone from professional artists to members of the public are being given the opportunity to dispose of art works in ‘Art Bin’,and among the first to submit their works are fellow YBA members Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin  as well as fellow artists Peter Blake and Jeremy Deller.

Michael Landy “Art Bin” is at the South London Gallery from 29th January until 14th March.  You can submit your failed works too, just take them to the gallery throughout the exhibitions  run on Tuesday to Sunday, 12-6pm. Michael Landy or his representative will decide which works go into Art Bin and not all works will be accepted.  Visit www.art-bin.co.uk for more information.

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  1. Jim Welke

    Sorry, but I think the above qualifier: “Michael Landy or his representative will decide which works go into Art Bin and not all works will be accepted.” sort of undermines the concept. Provided no one tosses a bomb or a dead animal in there, how much discretion is required?
    — Jim Welke, grassfedart