Here is the latest collaboration item by Michael Lau for Gardener Tenth. The exclusive set includes an all black version of his Submilgaytona watch and his new character, M.L.M.D.

But that’s not all, with the purchase of the M.L.M.D. (Sample) & Submilgaytona set, fans and collectors will receive a NFS ultra limited purple and gold inspired “champions” LA Fat figure in celebration of Michael Lau’s 10th anniversary, definitely making this one of Michael Lau’s rarest collectibles.

Each set is hand numbered and signed by Michael Lau and limited to only 109 pieces worldwide, in celebration of his 109 Gardeners.

Gardener Tenth M.L.M.D. (Sample) & Submilgaytona set. Actually different parts of the M.L.M.D. figure are inspired by different parts of the watch:
- left and right eyes = the “12″ and “1″ hour graphic on the dial
- nose = the second arm
- mouth = the different hour graphic on the dial
- left arm = the hour arm
- right arm = the minute arm
- left and right feet are different as the top and bottom band
- right shoe is from the “4″ hour graphic on the dial
- the head and figure = Michael Lau
- the crown = MINDstyle
- the cross pattern on the body and color version = De La Barracuda
- the whole inspiration of the M.L.M.D. watch set is from sampling, mix-matching different iconic designs.

The M.L.M.D.“Submilgaytona”watch and (N.F.S) LA Fat figure will be available at De La Barracuda with limited sets being released each day of the exhibition. Each watch is numbered and signed. The box set and rare LA Fat figure will be priced at USD $495.00.

Also don’t forget that our Slamxhype x Michael Lau Gardener 1oth limited edition of 100 pcs vinyl figure will be available via Slamxhype webstore and instore at De La Barracuda on September 30th!