Mike Ballard’s “The All of Everything” is the final exhibition to take place at the ‘Arts Gallery in London.  Part of the University Of The Arts London the gallery is set to be demolished to make way for the Crossrail project (the same scheme that saw the iconic Astoria music venue closed too) and to give it a fitting send of they have handed the gallery over to acclaimed artist Mike Ballard for his largest and most ambitious work yet.  The entire Arts Gallery has become The All of Everything, a specially commissioned work which has turned the space into an all-encompassing installation covering floors, walls and ceilings featuring the artist’s flamboyant vision of art history.

Transporting the viewer on a supersonic journey through a galaxy of hypermodern and prehistoric art, The All of Everything races back and projects forward through art history, fusing, referencing at blistering speed.  The gallery has become one immersive artwork which references Ballard’s graffiti and hip-hop past in both the way it sprawls across floors walls and ceilings, and the way in which  he samples classic and contemprary art, recontextualising baroque frescos and tags on trains, aswell as album art work from the likes of Sun Ra.  Its an impressive piece which absorbes you as soon as you enter the gallery, transporting you into the centre of the work.  Its just off Oxford St in central London so if you are near by make sure to check it out.

Mike Ballard graduated from Central Saint Martins MA Fine Art in 2007. He has recently exhibited at Maddox Arts and the Louise Blouin Institute. Ballard’s work appears in collections including the Richard Greer Collection, LesMes, Espace Uhoda, Belgium and University of the Arts London Art Collection.






Mike Ballard: The All of Everything
Art will eat itself
The final exhibition to take place at the Arts Gallery, before the building is demolished for Crossrail

10 December 2009 – the demolition of the Arts Gallery 2010
At: 65 Davies Street, W1K 5DA.
Open: Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm, Saturday 11am – 4pm.