Thinkspace has a very special group show opening tonight, August 14th. Curated by MODART Magazine, the exhibition celebrates the release of the popular street art publication’s 20th issue and highlights their transition to a new quarterly book-based format. Featured artist of the month is Mr. Jago.


The eclectic international lineup also includes Bo130, Brooke Reidt, Chris Bourke, Christopher Lambert, Dave The Chimp, Dennis McNett, El Gato Chimney, Ephameron, Faith 47, Galo, Guillaume Desmarets, Invisible Heroes (Admir Jahic and Comenius Roethlisberger), Jon Burgerman, KuKula, Landry and Limbo, Logan Hicks, Lyle Owerko, Microbo, Morcky, Nomad, Ruedione, SheOne, Stefan Strumbel, Stephen Smith (aka Neasden Control Centre), Tim Biskup, Vincent Skoglund and Will Barras.

Nomad and Guillaume Desmarets will be in attendance at the opening.

Check out these sneak peeks of Logan Hicks and Kukula below.



More images here.