SOME/THINGS magazine is in it’s second issue, which has already grabbed the attention of a niche following. This second issue includes dialogue and images from Gareth Pugh, Radiohead, Rick Owens, Cai Guo Qiang, Ari Marcopoulos to name a few. Here, Monika Bielskyte of SOME/THINGS takes a moment out of their very busy day to talk to Lyna Ahanda, from the very respected LURVE magazine for their fourth issue, about the life inside a print magazine, the ideals and philosophies behind it and the way they create today’s best reads.

Exert from SOME/THINGS interview below..

Lyna Ahanda: Why do you think it is that a publication like yours seems to have more of a cultural impact than a more commercial publication with perhaps a wider spread?

SOME/THINGS: I think it is hard for us to judge ourselves and the impact of our own magazine, it is hard to be objective as it’s like our baby. I believe the readers can be much better judges than we can be, though it is true we get a lot of positive and, i must say, quite emotional responses to SOME/THINGS.
I believe the content is strong and coherent because we work so closely with our contributors – there is a real communication, which of course takes a lot of time and energy, but i believe it is worth it. For us it is not just about the final result but also about the process – we try to choose the collaborators we respect, not only as artists but also as human beings. SOME/THINGS team is also a bit like a family, our amazing Associate Editor Raina Lampkins-fielder, the ever-critical Fashion Editor Carlo Zollo, the super talented Stylist Ellen Af Geijerstam and of course my partner James Cheng Tan, without whom the project just would not exist. We are all friends in real life, very different in our points of view, background and opinions yet similar in our sensibility, which avoids ego issues and fighting over trivial matters.
I think it is only through this personal contact, unpremeditated and intuitive approach we come up with all these unpredictable ideas that make the contents of SOME/THINGS so different from the glossy magazines. We always think first of what we want to say, what we want to explore, what are the people that we really want to feature, not how much profit we can make from it. SOME/THINGS MAGAZINE despite its title is after all not really a magazine, but more like a book that we hope people would still want to open and rediscover in 5, 10, 20 years time, and that it would still seem relevant. Both our contents and aesthetics are very personal visions that don’t really follow any trends, we try to invent our own language and I would like to believe that creating ones own language and being able to communicate it to just the right amount of people, in the right place, at the right time, to make it spread, is what makes one have an impact.

Exert from LURVE magazine, read the rest of the interview HERE.

Images from LURVE/notes