Im probably going to ‘unfriend’ a few people by saying this, but Im not actually a big Monocle fan. Im a huge admirer of Tyler Brule and from an industry standpoint, I think Monocle is the best magazine out there, it’s just not my personal style, so don’t get me wrong. As all magazines are looking at more cost effective ways to print, Monocle may not be in the same financial position as a lot of magazines, infact its in the rare position of being in amongst a climb mode, but what has become popular in amongst this need for trend is expanding on the philosophy and theme of print being traditional and simple and publishers looking at ways to make a point over its worth over digital content. That might be overthinking it, because at the end of the day, the newspaper format of this summer issue of Monocle might just be a fun way to release some time relevant content.

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  1. Tom

    Got to agree with Adam, Monocle seems to be all headlines and no story. People only seem to like it because of the lifestyle it presents and its perceived cool. I like Tyler but some times he makes me cringe with the things he writes and says in that FT column and Monocle radio, which makes me think wow, there a more important things going on in the world than finding the perfect tonkatsu, it doesnt require a whole article to touch on it, and Im not one at all to usually think that. Just my 2 cents.

  2. jean grey

    as usual to much lifestylelittle content and a layout that wants to fool you that there is content…qualified advertising and not journalism