Moral Fibers creates full-time jobs by employing artists in developing countries. Their T-shirt designs incorporate the artwork created by these individuals and contain vivid colors that are typical of Haitian art. They are expected to release a new series of dresses and shirts this spring, and expand into button-downs, pants, accessories and more this fall. Expect to see them in a boutique near you soon.

Jean-Mark Delphonse is a Haitian native living in Port-au-Prince.

Moral Fibers purchased the beautiful painting by Delphonse, and translated the intellectual property into clothing. You can see all of his designs here.

The January 11th, 2010 earthquake killed 300,000 people, and left millions more homeless, wandering, and struggling to survive.

All of Moral Fibers artists have come together in one community in the Carrefour district of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Many of our artists, including Guerrier Pouchon, are parents. After only a couple months of painting for Moral Fibers, Pouchon was able move his family from their USAID tent into a home in Carrefour.

Moral Fibers’ artists range in experience from completely amateur to 20+ years of experience painting, All of the artists are expected to create 12 original pieces of art every month, attend an educational program, and donate time to serving their community.

Each painting is scanned and our graphic designer manipulates the image to create fashion from art.

This process generates gorgeous, full-bodied, original clothing.

All of our products are made in Montreal, Canada. The Men’s shirts can be seen here.

Female and unisex cuts are also available here. Buying a Moral Fibers product is more than an investment in your wardrobe, it is an investment in sustainable, real development in developing countries.