Opened this week is “From One Extreme To The Other” a new retrospective of work from legendary photographer Nat Finkelstein taking place at the Idea Generation Gallery in London.


Famous for the iconic images of Andy Warhol, The Velvet Underground and Edie Sedgwick which now define the infamous Factory scene of the 1960s, he is perhaps best known for his links to the counterculture of the 60s, organising anti-war rallies and working with the Black Panthers in documenting the civil rights movement.  In 1969 a warrant was issued for his arrest, and fearing he would be assassinated by the US government he went into exile for 15 years.    This however didn’t dampen his enthusiasm for the counterculture and he went on to record both the punk and rave scenes with his photography.


Sadly Finkelestein died late last year, however not before he and his wife Elizabeth could put together the images from over five decades of work to be included in “From One Extreme To The Other” – a fitting epitaph for a truly inspirational man.


The exhibition takes place at the Idea Generation Gallery in London until the 14th February this year, make sure you take time to check it out.


Source: DazedDigital

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