A solo exhibition of new work by Neck Face will be on show at OHWOW Los Angeles entitled “Into Darkness”. A homecoming presentation (of sorts) for the California native, as Neckface unveils his latest series of drawings, paintings, and sculptures. The exhibition opens on Halloween night with an encore production of the highly publicized performance and installation mounted in Miami, 2009, replete with a full-scale haunted house and skate demo.

While maintaining the hand style and imagery now considered his trademark, this body of work introduces new elements into Neck Face’s visual codex. A collection of watercolors, with vignettes arranged in comic strip format, feature his idiosyncratic, stubble-haired creatures. Awkward and unkempt, these figures are rendered in a stop action narrative, engaged in common activities – playing cards, for example. Staying true to his aesthetic, the depictions are simultaneously violent and humorous, as the final frames of one drawing reveals the bloody result of a card game gone wrong, when one creature ambivalently shoots his opponent between the eyes.

With a series of paintings on panel, he continues his exploration of presenting repartee with an insecure perspective. Phrases like “Trying is the first step to failing,” crudely scrawled over loudly colored, patterned backgrounds, pinpoint the dichotomy between wit and vulnerability. A set of new sculptures follow in the Combine tradition of mixing two-dimensional imagery with three-dimensional objects. Here, the artist adopts a modern art method as his own, reinterpreting the practice of fusing flatness with form, changing the context of objects and materials to present the ordinary with an altered definition. Regardless of the vehicle, Neck Face delivers work with the customary energy and innovation that gained him his notoriety and loyal following.

Haunted house and skate demo made possible by generous support from Altamont, Supreme and Vans.

Opening reception Sunday, October 31, 2010 7pm.

101 S. La Brea
Los Angeles, CA 90036
305 633 9345