Neighborhood’s SVG line has long been applauded for its remarkable amount of referencing and retrospective approach. From cuts to the biker theme in which Neighborhood has long been based around each and every single item is cut with great distinction.

Having been unable to source a really good story to replace the upcoming ‘No Comply’ I thought I would provide you with a story about Neighborhood and more specifically SVG. At times slightly over looked as the collection is far more selective and not as glamorous as Neighborhood’s iconic items like their motorcycle leather jacket, Yoshida’s bag and “damaged-processed” denim.

The Fall/Winter 2008 Collection from SVG provides some very customary items which may not receive the accolades in which each item should but none the less extremely notably for the classic approach. Down to each minor detail Shinsuke Takizawa has provided a sense of nostalgia with items like the Brock 13 LL Jacket while I am taken back by the craftsmanship of the Silver Dollar items. Take a closer look below at what is on offer for this winter from Neighborhood’s SVG collection.