We don’t normally cover ‘Porn’ as such, and thats not what we’re doing here either. Porn Star, Sasha Grey has become a pop culture icon in rccent times, she’s set to break into mainstream film, and likely to become a big success. Having been at the centre of so many images over the years, Grey has decided to put herself in control of the way her image is perceived by publishing this book. A photography book which allows the actress to also express her creative side and her real personality by controlling the images from behind the lens too.

Releasing later this year, but available for pre-order at Amazon.

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  1. Nikki

    what artistic message is she trying to convey….if you get gang banged and do online rape porns then you can be a artist photographer too?
    i cant believe she is telling people that she is trying to make woman ok with their sexuality!!!!!!!! is doing rape porn and having five dicks in your mouth liberating??!?!?! i mean its proven that rapists actually become rapists by getting sexually stimulated by watching violent porns , so basically she promotes rapes. this dumb bitch in not a artist in any way and especially does not promote woman to be healthy with their sexuality

    • Thlay03

      who are you to say what is art and what is not? you seriously need to reconsider before judging people. I don’t think it is even physically possible to fit five dicks on any one’s mouth. And as far as her scenes go, these are acted out and role played, she wouldn’t condone rape. You’re an idiot if you think like this, Sasha and hundreds of other porn stars should be thanked by society for what they do and not shun.If it weren’t for the porn industry, would this not create more rapists in the world? Erotic scenes visually stimulate some people and its just enough to deplete urges for some of the whack jobs out there to NOT go out and rape.
      Porn is the product of human creativity, which to me is a form of art, if you can’t accept it, then that is your opinion. But don’t knock someone else for trying to play a game that you won’t even suit up for.