Infamous UK stencil street artist Nick Walker has hit the streets once again this time round in Bristol with a re-creation of a piece he did earlier at the NuArt festival in Norway, titled “The Coat of Arms” this one is situated on the side of Vicenzo’s Pizza on Park Street. While there has been a lot of media attention on Banksy recently following the Lyon & Turnbull auction, It is definitely nice to see work from another influential UK graffiti artist.

As a forerunner of the British graffiti phenomenon, Nick Walker emerged from the infamous and ground-breaking Bristol art and graffiti scene of the early 1980s, and have over the years created work that has become a blueprint for hundreds of burgeoning artists in the graffiti scene. His work has been embraced by the mass media including the music, advertising and film industries. With commissions as prestigious as the major motion pictures Judge Dredd and Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes wide shut. Take a look at the images below.

Info & Images: UK Street Art