Mexico City is the location of the first Nike Sportswear in the America’s, named appropriately Nike Sportswear 1902 to commemorate the founding of the Colonia Condesa. Doors will open tomorrow, August 15 and the installation is set to make a big impression in the world’s largest city , where it is situated in the heart of the largest city in the world with the much talked about Nike Sportswear Apparel and Footwear.

To mark this memorable moment 8 international artists have been invited to bring together a 4.5 square meter live art installation in the New Nike Sportswear store, 18 Teotihuacan, Colonia Condesa. The artists are: Jason Maloney, Joe Ledbetter, Jesse Reno, Bigfoot, Carlos Ramos, Tixinda, Yurievi (Popwhore) and 123Klan.

To make things interesting, one day prior to the live painting installation the eight artists will share there briefs therefore only having the evening to think over their design for the opening ceremony. In addition to the posters the artists have constructed reflecting Mexico in their own unique style. Take a look at some of them below thanks to Juxtapoz, who have much many more form this impressive collection.