Hopefully if you were in LA you were lucky enough to catch the first screening from ‘Nike Sportswear at The Montalbán presents Cinema Tuesdays 3 x 3: The Windrunner Shorts’ series of short films. Or by now you’ve seen the trailers online. Slam X Hype’s Yevgeniy Shukhman caught up with the first Director to showcase his films for the series, Adam Weissman. Sample208 is the alter ego of the multi-hat wearing Los Angeleno, Adam Jay Weissman, film director, beat maker, music producer and member of the group, Pollyn. At 13 years old, the hip hop whiz kid traded up his bar mitzah money for his first set of Technique 1200’s and thus embarking on his eclectic musical mission. Pulling influences from Fela Kuti to Goblin to DJ Shadow, Adam has been making bedroom bangers since the age of 16, doing remixes for the likes of Buffalo Daughter, Gorillaz and Liquid Liquid (“Optimo” remix forthcoming). Armed with a SP1200, fender Rhodes, old analog keyboards and an ancient Pro Tools set up, Adam makes dirty drum heavy electronic music that feels like it’s jumped out of a post modern Noir film. Adam is currently finishing a Sample208 record (guests include: Guilty Simpson, Master Ace, and Sole (anitcon)), as well as long in the works Pollyn full length.

Yevgeniy Shukhman : Adam what do you do now besides directing short films for Nike Sportswear?

Adam Jay Wiessman: I still work for Stussy in the design department. I work under Paul Mittleman and with Rob Abeyta. We have a design office here in LA. Mostly I work on Stussy’s special projects so I work with artists, graphic designers. Coming up with cool projects to do as well as helping out with the t-shirt program.

YS: Staying Busy?

AJW: Yes that’s right. Staying busy. Working. So that’s my day job. My night job or my other jobs are directing and I get to do this for Stussy. Like I got to do short film for “The World Tour” for Stussy. Well, anytime there is a video on Stussy’s website that’s usually something I directed. Check out this Delta interview I did in Amsterdam. So I do a lot and there is no title for what I’m doing. I’m just there.

YS: How did you get hooked up with Nike Sportswear to do 3×3 project?

AJW: I did one last year. That was for another project of Nike Sportswear “Vintage Running”. For that I did three fake instructional videos. They were supposed to be from the 70’s. The characters in that were coach Rick Hoffman and his student named Chip, and those two characters are part of the 3×3 project too. I guess Nike Sportswear was happy with the first round so this idea came up for 3×3. They asked if I wanted to do it with the same characters.

YS: Are the three films you did connected with each other?

AJW: Yes they are. It’s episodes one through three. There is some story arc there. They will come out on nikesportswear.com a week apart from each other. It’s going to be dope.

YS: Did you have strict guide lines of what to do or what not to do?

AJW: Well everything had to be approved going into it. The guidelines were basically to use the same characters Rick Hoffman and his student Chip from last year and you had to show the Windrunner Jacket incorporated into the story. So it could not be just people wearing the Windrunner, it had to be part of the story. Because we already had done the last series of these shot films with coach Hoffman, it had to be based in reality with the coach being the coach. It had to be some sort of training video, informercial, documentary, or news report.

YS: Was it challenging?

AJW: Yeah totally. Once the script was written then it was challenging getting the ideas more concrete.

YS: Get them to work?

AJW: Kinda. Because there were guidelines. Originally I wanted to do a short film where Rick Hoffman is a coach and he is making the film, so it was him acting but he is really a coach. Nike Sportswear said No. It’s going to sound abstract: so now we got the Infomercial that was done by somebody who was making the product in this case a Windrunner who was going to like skew the results. Typical informercial style. But we did like it was set in 1981.

YS: What kind of music did you use for this project?

AJW: For the first episode “The Infomercial” me and Antimc did music for last year’s shorts ”Vintage Running” and there was some music we had left that was never used. Since the last year’s shorts were set in the 70’s and this year’s shorts sound more 80’s, we used it. For the second episode “I Call Foul” I had the singer from my band “Pollyn” Genevieve with whom we’ve been in the band for 10 years. She is super familiar with my humor and film stuff. She’s scored stuff before and she is very talented song writer with a good sense of humor. So I kinda explained the piece and asked her to write stupid song from the 80’s, then to get an R’n’B singer to record it.

YS: Was the song collaborative effort between you and her?

AJW: She wrote, produced and recorded it in her bedroom on Garage Band. So, the song had this Lo-Fi feel to it like Public Access show on TV. I think the song is very catchy and works very well.

YS: So what’s next for you? LIke in immediate future?

AJW: Can’t really say. I have something that’s already been shot, 7 episodes. It’s like an interview show, but I can’t say much more about it right now. It’s going to be really funny, but can’t say anymore about it.

YS: Maybe a little?

AJW: They are short interviews with Streetwear people. And Stussy work continues, staying busy writing my script and the Pollyn album is almost done. It’s 12 songs and right now we are just cleaning it up. And my remix for Liquid Liquid is out Oct 6 on Domino. They’re putting out a EP of remixes with Optimo, Matthew Dear and Tim Goldsworthy from DFA. I did a remix for the song “optimo”, it’s fresh.

YS: So yet again stay busy?

AJW: Right. I just want to start finishing things that I begin.

YS: Thank you very much Adam.

AJW: Yeah cool thanks.