Last Fall Nike Sportswear successfully introduced its pinnacle apparel collection, NSW. Sold in selected boutiques worldwide, NSW introduces a strong multi gender range that represents the best of what Nike Sportswear is about. For Nike Sportswear, the NSW collection is charged each season with breaking new ground, offering the paramount of design innovation remixed for daily life. The Spring/Summer 09 NSW collection offers a seasonal assortment that draws inspiration from ACG themes of Terra and Aqua (Land and Sea) while building a wide assortment for both men and women drawn directly from the Nike Sportswear Icons.

Terra and Aqua, the Source of the Season. For Spring and Summer the NSW collection drew inspiration from NikeACG (All Conditions Gear) which saw product innovation focused on lightweight and durable protection. Yet in true Sportswear fashion, the NSW collection also revisited the passion behind the performance that lives in the outdoor ethos of ACG’s roots. Dedicated to the original design principles while introducing innovation means the NSWcollection features apparel that strives for sustainability from the perspectives of materials selected, manufacturing, and physical design.

This season the NSW team explored the ACG inspired themes of Terra and Aqua (Land and Sea). For Spring, Terra inspiration can be seen throughout an NSW collection that features graphics and prints that are derived from “extreme” environments from the Mojave Dessert to Moab, UT. A color palette that celebrates the rebel outdoorsman, mixing neutral tones with neon hues for distinction dedicated to the outdoor athlete. Celebrating the theme of Aqua allowed creativity to flourish, from a bright neon color palette to graphics and gradients that are born from marine life both above and below the water’s surface, to the selection of materials that simply embody what ACG is all about – lightweight, durable protection. For Summer, the NSW collection dials in Aqua cool comfort like never before.

Multi-Gender by Design. Two genders, one goal, unrivaled premium apparel. Reynolds teamed up with fellow Nike Sportswear designer, Sally Bohan, and together they defined a Spring/Summer line that embodies one ethos, brought to life by pieces for both the male and female body. “Design at Nike is a problem solving process”, Reynolds explains, “Constant dialogue leads to a product assortment of Nike Sportswear that fits and embraces the female body. “Beauty is as much part of the design as function is, but at Nike form follows function.” The NSW collection is one ethos, one line developing strong pieces for both genders.

The Icons of Spring & Summer. For NSW, the pinnacle collection is born from the inspiration and innovation that lives within the Nike Icons. Incorporating the passion for premium design is indelibly fused throughout the NSWcollection.

In Fall 2008, Jarrett Reynolds’ design team introduced the Flywire Windrunner, the lightest Windrunner ever made, to the Nike Sportswear line. This season the Flywire Windrunner continues to be part of the mix, in a special assortment pack with the Flywire Cortez, the Windrunner takes the vibrant color palette of ACG featuring Neo Turquoise, Rave Pink and Electrolime. One icon, for men and women. “Women want the same iconography”, Nike designer Sally Bohan explains. “It’s all about form and fit, the female wearer needs something different because her body moves differently. Yet she wants the strong style of the Windrunner from Nike, so we tailor it directly to her needs.”

The symbolic stunner of NSW for Spring/Summer is the Loopwheeler® Eugene Track Jacket. In their constant search for the best fleece, Reynolds’ team entered a partnership with Japan-based fleece-maker Loopwheeler®. With a deep heritage as the original sports apparel material of choice, fleece remains a core performance material fused with Nike’s DNA. Established as the original iconic material of Nike’s AW77 Hoody, Reynolds challenged convention last season through remixing the Windrunner with Loopwheeler® fleece. The twist was voted for and today NSWcontinues in its path of special remixes taking the Eugene Track Jacket, for both men and women, and remixing it with Loopwheeler® fleece. Proof positive that with the NSW collection, the one true constant is change rooted in premium performance design.

This season the Icons in the NSW Collection will be accompanied by a rich assortment of NSW pieces for both men and women, continuing build a lineage predicated on innovation and passion.

The NSW assortment for Spring and Summer 2009:

M/W NSW Standard Tee Take Dri-Fit to the Outdoors. 60 % polyester, 40% cotton, 100% sustainable. Blending organic cotton with recycled polyester while still maintaining all it’s Dri-Fit capabilities prove that sustainability is a performance advantage for Nike Sportswear. An eco-ink screen-printing process perfected to give the graphic stories color pop without the use of harmful solvents. Amplifying the ACG inspired theme of Terra and Aqua – land and sea – the letters NSW emblazoned on the front showcase the three Terra hues. Drawing inspiration from the elemental constant of sunrise and sunset, The Neo Turquoise mimics clear blue sky, Rave Pink and Anthracite represent the shadows that are cast when light meets land, while Electrolime is dedicated to the flora and fauna hues that create the color of land. With gender specific fit incorporated in the design makes this Standard Tee and instant icon for both men and women.

Plaid LSD Jacket

M/W Firefly Mowabb and Marine Stripe Firefly Jacket Using a mere 40 grams of water repellant micro-ripstop material, the Firefly Mowabb Jacket fuses the ACG ethos of lightweight protection with Nike’s most innovative performance materials. Borrowing from the best of outdoor apparel, the Firefly features laser cut breathability at the neck, hood peak with internal drawcord channel, a fully adjustable bottom hem and storm flap to keep the wearer warm and the weather out. Each Firefly honors ACG’s mountain heritage coming correct with an anodized carabiner. Creating a unique graphics story, the NSW design team expanded on the Terra theme of ACG, drawing inspiration from the mecca of outdoor terrain known as Moab, UT. The graphic on the Mowabb Firefly is a still shot of Moab’s rocks, known to break tires, frames, limbs, and wills. The rocks represent the undying spirit of the hard charging outdoor athlete, making the Firefly Mowabb’s wearer at one with the terrain they love. The Marine Stripe pays homage to the sea – the workers who don wide, bright chest stripes so they can be seen in the distance. As a final testament to the NSW design principle of form following function, this lightweight jacket collapses on command into the packable chest pocket.

Beta F/Z Shell Jacket Storm-Fit solvent free 3-layer construction keeps the Beta light while introducing sustainability in a manner befitting premium performance outerwear. Constantly innovating, the NSW design team outfitted the Beta F/Z with laser cut pocket bellows and elasticated binding cuffs to keep the Beta FZ’s look clean and functional. Fully bonded construction keeps friction low while giving the athlete free range of motion. Pop-out hood with internal drawcord channel and a fully adjustable bottom hem with storm flap equip the Beta with performance features that keep things cool and dry on the inside while the weather rages on the outside. Staying true to ACG’s mountain heritage, each Beta boasts an anodized carabiner with corresponding diamond carabiner hook placed between the shoulder blades. Broadcast in the bright colors of ACG, Neo Turquoise, Electrolime, and Rave Pink fuse with dark hues to give the Beta F/Z a seasonal color perspective.

Beta Tech Hoody The Beta Tech Hoody offers premium comfort with all the tech fittings of an all weather companion. Mixed materials are woven together providing a healthy blend of organic cotton and poly loopback fleece making the Beta Tech a raglan-sleeved staple for any athlete in search of plush craftsmanship. Laser cut/bonded zippers and kangaroo pocket keep all the seams secure while stress points are bonded keeping the Beta Tech Hoody dialed in the ACG principle of durable protection. Color blocking that includes the ACG palette, combines rave pink and neo turquoise with tonal heather grey solidifies that the Beta is built for the wears of any Terra obstacle thrown its way.

Beta Tech Track Jacket Building on Nike Sportswear’s iconic Eugene Track Jacket, the NSW Beta comes correct with a style all its own. Making use of an innovative composite two-layer soft shell fabric, the Beta Tech Track Jacket mixes a Poly Twill Face with Nylon Brush Back for added protection outside and plush comfort inside. Keeping things cool both inside and out, the Beta Tech Track Jacket comes with two-way separating pit zips for ventilation and a subdued color palette that utilizes subtle color pops of Neo Turquoise or Elctrolime across a black canvas. Bonding was added at key stress points along with a diamond carabiner hook to complete the Beta’s homage to twenty year of All Conditions Gear.

M/W Beta Pant and Short The Beta Pant and Short bring all the inspiration of ACG and remixes it with innovative materials and design that only the NSW team could produce. For Men, 70% Cotton Plain weave and 30% Polyester with DWR coating, allows the Beta to perform rain or shine. While the fitted waistband and adjustable bottom hem keep the pant true to form without compromising function.

This season the women’s specific installment of the Beta Fleece Pant is made from 280g Cotton Stretch French Terry fleece for lightweight premium comfort. Drawcord adjustability at the waistband and a metal zip front pocket honor the ACG inspiration that drives NSW’s seasonal design.

M/W Gradient Grid Firefly Jacket Using a mere 32 grams of water repellant micro-ripstop material, the Gradient Grid Firefly Jacket fuses the ACG ethos of lightweight protection with Nike’s most innovative performance materials. Borrowing from the best of outdoor apparel, the Firefly features laser cut breathability at the neck, hood peak with internal drawcord channel, a fully adjustable bottom hem and storm flap to keep the wearer warm and the weather out. Each Firefly honors ACG’s mountain heritage coming correct with an anodized carabiner. Creating a unique graphics story, the NSW design team expanded on the Aquatic theme of ACG, drawing inspiration from the way fish scales reflect light and movement allowing the fish to camouflage itself against predators. The Gradient Grid was developed as NSW’s unique interpretation of this evolutionary trait. Using a sublimation printing process that equips each Firefly with its own uniquely gridded pattern of intersecting lines – no two Fireflys are alike. As a final testament to the NSWdesign principle of form following function, this lightweight jacket collapses on command into the packable chest pocket.

Loopwheeler® Short 460 Grams of premium Loopwheeler® fleece make this men’s short rooted in Nike’s heritage of innovation while maintaining a look like no other. Staying true to the ACG principle of lightweight functionality, the Loopwheeler® Short comes absent of a side seem for decreased weight and friction while improving overall form. Metal zip pockets and a Velcro closure back pocket allow this performance fleece icon to handle any condition. Graphic elements were added to the shorts by Loopwheeler founder Satoshi Suzuki that honor the 20 years of ACGwhile mixing in iconic images inspired by Mr. Suzuki’s visits to Oregon.

M/W Loopwheeler® Track Top (Men’s) & Loopwheeler® Jacket (Women’s) Constant innovation is in the DNA of Nike Sportswear, it’s a principle that allows creativity rooted in sport to flourish. The Loopwheeler® Track Top puts a premium on innovation, enabling the construction of 360g loopback fleece top that makes no compromises on performance while upping the ante on fit and form. Subtle cues from ACG make themselves known by way of the chest pocket and ACG graphic icons that adorn the sleeve and pay homage to Oregon. Same future heritage, with a more feminine fit, the women’s version is equipped with front facing darts in aversion to the men’s back facing seems for a more complimentary fit.

Loopwheeler® Tee The NSW design team partnered with Japanese fleece brand, Loopwheeler® fleece, to design a Tee that would extend the sportswear lineage while continuing to honor the heritage of ACG. Iconography and type adorn the Tee, celebrating twenty years of apparel made for all conditions. While the screenprint may read “Worn To Be Wild” the 100% cotton jersey provides a premium plush feel that makes this Tee ready to be worn in any condition.

AW77 Loopwheeler® Hoody The AW77, a Nike Sportswear staple from the start. One of the most revered training tops, the Athletics West hoody was thick and durable, built to withstand the rigors of hard workouts and hard washing. An ingenious extended zip was added specifically for runners who wanted the ability to quickly shed the bulky layer during a run. The AW77 Loopwheeler Hoody represents the pinnacle in premium craftsmanship. Recognizing the timelessness of this iconic piece, the apparel team chose to re-invent it as part of the NSW permanent collection, elevating it to the highest of Nike Sportswear’s standards in place today. Built from Loopwheeler’s heavyweight French terry, the NSW AW77 is still tough as nails, but relaxed looped back fleece eliminates the steel wool effect.

Loopwheeler® Fleece Crew The hoodless counterpart to the AW77 Hoody, the Loopwheeler® Fleece Crew is comprised of a mere 360 grams of loopback fleece, providing the pinnacle in premium without sacrificing innovative performance. This NSW installment features the ribbed collar, cuff, and hem you’d expect from a classic crew. TheNSW team takes it up a notch, introducing a metal zipper at the side seam to keep the wearer ventilated and cool, in loopback comfort. Each crew comes emblazoned with a twenty logo, celebrating twenty years of Nike ACG. On the flipside the back is adorned with iconography commemorating ACG’s past, developed by Loopwheeler’s founder Mr. Suzuki.

M/W Football Top The NSW line means constant progression. The Football Top is the essence of the NSW design ethos, revisiting classic sport apparel pieces and improving upon the originals. Remixing the Football Top with innovation inspired from twenty years of ACG, NSW designers rebuilt the Top with a focus on sustainability and performance. 60% organic cotton, 40% recycled polyester create a Dri-Fit jersey that weighs a mere 150 grams. The eco-ink screenprint draws subtle cues from the repeat pattern found in climbing rope complimented by the grid pattern found in other NSW counterparts. The women’s variation boasts a ¾ sleeve and female specific design.

Gradient Board Short Twenty years ago Nike ACG was founded with a mission to deliver lightweight protection tuned to the demands of outdoor athletes in any condition. This season the NSW design team expanded upon theACG vision to deliver the Gradient Board Short. 100% quick-drying polyester, the Gradient Board Short uses no stitch construction and laser cut bonded cargo pocket to offer friction-free streamlined comfort. The Aqua inspired Gradient pattern was chosen to enable this board short to stand out in land or sea.

M/W Two Worlds Tee Celebrating twenty years of ACG allowed the NSW design team to develop the dominant themes for the Spring and Summer of Terra and Aqua (or Land and Sea). In an effort to share this story the Two Worlds Tee makes use of shark’s jaws and cow skulls graphics. 60% organic cotton, 40% recycled polyester, make this sustainable Dri-FIT Tee every bit the performance top, worthy in all conditions.

Land and Sea Tee Every Tee tells a story. From the rock-covered landscape of Moab, Utah to oceanic seascapes laden with jellyfish, the graphics are the message for the NSW Terra and Aqua themed collection. 100% organic cotton equips this Tee with added comfort while minimizing environmental impact.