As the second half of Paris Stadium’s chapter, Ill Studio presents ‘White Magic’ at Stadium Paris. Dedicated to celebrating the magic of football; the players pre-game rituals, the dedication of the supporters and the fate of destiny.

Nike describes the space, “The installation sacralises the screening, with a big white empty wall dedicated to the projections of the games. The hexagonal chandelier made with soccer balls and white neon lights turns your eyes to the sky, like a call for destiny. The now iconic orange and purple color alliance stained glass that stands on the four stylised pillars of Nike football (Tiempo, CTR360, T90 and Mercurial) increases the dramatic dimension. As everything is about writing the future, a score board takes a large part of the space, updated every day…”

Stadium Paris private store invites you to enjoy the screenings on Saturdays. Please check Stadium Paris on to get your invitation.

See inside Nike Stadium Paris ‘White Magic’ below.