The 3rd of October see a new group exhibition on at The Invisible Dog in Brooklyn New York titled ‘No Longer Empty‘. A series of exhibitions and events is planned that will utilize multiple vacated storefronts and offices in Manhattan. ‘No Longer Empty’ was conceived specifically to encourage an artistic response to our present economic condition and the effect on both the urban landscape and the national psyche. The numerous vacated buildings in New York City provide an opportunity for artists to revitalize these spaces with thoughtful, sustainable art installations.

We see an opportunity here to create something positive from the current climate. Art can thrive in this environment and lead the way towards creative ways of thinking and dealing with these changes.”

The curators will be shaping a dynamic inter-related series of art installations, video works, sculpture, photography, painting, sound art and performance, installed not in traditional gallery or museum settings but in the public domain, suggesting new models of community art.

With a huge group of artists and curators involved such as; Thomas Bell, Ryan Brennan, Amanda Browder, Gina Czarneck, Steve DeFrank, Jeanette Doyle, Richard Garet, Monika Gryzmala, Guerra de la Paz (Alain Guerra & Neraldo de la Paz) Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Kaarina Kaikkonen, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Sarah Modiano, Miguel Palma, José Parlá, Rey Parlá, Ian Rawlinson & Nick Crowe, Tom Sanford, Keith Schweitzer Francesco Simeti Alfred Steiner, Giuseppe Stampone and Giles Lyon.

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