SLAMXHYPE has been going for some time now, and in the last year we have developed our operations more and more into the physical world mainly through the launch of The New Order Magazine, but now also through the opening of Plaything Gallery. While the majority of our operations take place split between, Europe, the UK, Japan and the US, I myself am still located in New Zealand, and while less and less of my time is spent here, especially with The New Order’s base being set up in Europe, I love my time here when I get it. Plaything Gallery is my way of bringing our world and culture to New Zealand. Purely set up with the intention of bringing some of the world’s best artists and culture to this part of the world, and at the same time giving some of our friends a chance to see the wonderful country that is New Zealand.

The space has been open for a few months now, and we have spent some time setting things up and making sure things operate well, and now its time to kick it into full gear.

The Paper Chase is a show curated by O.H.W.O.W’s Al Moran and Aaron Bondaroff and features new works by many of the world’s best artists based out of the O.H.W.O.W cultural camp. The theme Paper Chase is obvious in its meaning, but at the same time provides some very unique works by some of these artists.

Artists : Jose Parla, Leo Fitzpatrick, Scott Campbell, Neckface, Todd James (REAS), Aurel Schmidt, Meryl Smith, Manny Prieres, Michael Genovese, Peter Chung, Dave FTL and FriendsWithYou.

Big Thanks to the Support of Russian Standard Vodka.

Plaything’s philosophy is not to operate solely as a contemporary art gallery but to make art accessable and bring the culture in every form to this land, set up on top of the gallery space is a rooftop cinema, which will open during The Paper Chase exhibition with the exclusive screenings of some of New York’s best cultural films of our modern culture.

Captured by Clayton Patterson | Friday 16th Oct 8pm
The Bicycle Gangs of New York by Cheryl Dunn | Sunday 18th Oct 8pm
Deathbowl to Downtown by Coan Nichols and Rick Charnoski | Tuesday 20th Oct 8pm

The Paper Chase

Plaything Gallery

21 Dacre Street


Auckland, New Zealand

15th October – 29th October.

More details and extensive coverage to come soon.