Chelsea gallerist Anna Kustera has a keen eye for art and a wicked sense for curation. Her latest show, which is slated to open this Thursday 05.09.09 at 6pm, is entitled Objects of Desire. She’s carefully chosen pieces for the show that touch upon culture’s subtle, yet subversive infatuation with and aversion to desire: a bra and a jockstrap made out of candy by Mimi Smith; a set of custom coke spoons curated byJu$t Another Rich Kid; a text piece made in chocolate by Kathe Burkhart; and a set of neon noose by Lovett + Codagnone.

Ju$t Another Rich Kid‘s set of 5 custom cokespoons entitled He loves me. He loves me not. is featured in the show. Check out this post about the project that launched at Bblessing during New York Fashion Week — appropriately on on Valentine’s Day which fell on Friday, February 13th this year — and features the work of Ju$t Another Rich Kid, Nice Collective, Various Projects, Playground, Terence Koh, and Surface To Air.

My only question: is that white powdery substance on the mirrored surface the spoons are shown on really cocaine? You know what everyone keeps saying, right? The 80’s are back, which means it’s probably the real deal. You’ll have to smash the plexi cover to find out for youself, although I wouldn’t recommend it. You’ll have to go to the opening on Thursday to find out. If it really is, I have a feeling it won’t be there at the end of the opening.

Objects of Desire
Anna Kustera
520 West 21st Street @ 10th Ave
04.09 – 05.09.09
Opening: 04.09.09 from 6-8pm