Olympus ep2 micro four thirds
Only five months after the lauched of the much talked about E-P1, Olympus has announced it’s up-coming release of the E-P2. Featuring minor upgrades such as the addition of a port for a new high resolution electronic viewfinder (or external microphone), two new Art filters and a pearlescent black finish.

It also gains AF tracking and includes a new i-Enhance ‘colour boosting’ function. While it seems that the talk around the micro four thirds market very much shifted towards the Panasonic GF-1 when it was released in September. It’ll be interesting to see how the EP-2 will compare.

Olympus ep2 bundle package

Available from January 2010, or pre-order here at Amazon. The E-P2 comes with a VF-2 electronic viewfinder and either 17mm pancake or 14-42mm zoom lens.




For an in-depth review, visit dpreview.

4 Responses

  1. Adam Bryce

    The addition of the external microphone port is a big plus for me… but you’d have to be pretty disappointed if you’d just bought the E-P1, within the last 5 months.

  2. james w

    i think some people are now speculating that this was the model that olympus intended to put out in the first place, but instead put out EP1 for sake of getting first mover advantage over panasonic

  3. Twist Is King

    wow this is a very cool camera. Sad that it is lacking flash.