Make sure you’re on the Red Propeller site this Friday, July 24 at 7pm GMT! Two beautiful new pieces by English artist Pam Glew will be available as prints for only £25 each! The prints will only be available for 25 hours, however, so you’ll have to be quick. Visit the gallery’s site and sign up for the mailing list to receive the secret code.

Pam tells us a little bit about the imagery and how she made the original pieces:


“‘Candy Pop Antichrist’ is based loosely on Lily Allen. It is named Antichrist because of the inverted Union Jack that has been turned into a kind of upside-down cross.

pam_glew (2)

‘Saint’ is also based on a Lily. This one is Lily Cole, the one with the angel face and a saintly look about her. I think the Pre-Raphaelites would have loved her.

The original flags were made from American flags turned into Union Jacks with many pairs of denim jeans (the rivets and pockets are still visible.) The images are painted with bleach freehand to make these new deconstructed cameo portraits.”

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