Renowned street artist PaperMonster is set to showcase his new solo exhibition entitled Feast, at Metropolis Gallery. Packed with a punch of color that matches the palpable emotions, PaperMonster’s newest pieces feature enticing female stencils whose expressions seduce the onlooker into their beautiful yet private world.

At the thematic crux of his artwork, PaperMonster explores the broad and multifaceted spectrum of emotions, from anger and distress to love and desire, and its effects on the intricacies of female facial expressions. “The theme itself allows for exploration whether it be from a modern or pop art perspective,” says PaperMonster. “Stencil art provides this flexibility to create one of a kind pieces” The delicate stencil work paired with the vibrate colors of teal, telemagenta, green, and black create a open forum for the female subject and theme to collide resulting in a visual feast ready for consumption. With a focus on the eyes, PaperMonster’s female characters become sirens, luring one in to the beauty and tragedy of their story.

PaperMonster’s use and experimentation with his mediums not only inspire the artist’s evolution of technique, but also the evolution of the perspectives of his observers. “With each new piece there is a level of experimentation which leads towards growth and it allows a very natural shift in direction,” states PaperMonster. In this new body of works, he draws inspiration from people both real and fictional as well as the iconic poses fashioned by comic artists of the 1950s-60s era. PaperMonster’s creative process begins with writing down his initial ideas then sketches his verbal abstractions into tangible visuals. For each piece, PaperMonster devours various paper types, shapes, and textures transforming the individual materials with spay paint, stencil collage, and paper wheatpasting into a cohesive entree injected with detail, color, and composition served on canvas, wood, and plastic plexi.

Upon discovering the Street Art scene, PaperMonster left a career in Biomedical Science to study and eventually create the street art he was so passionate about. Studying under the famed Blek Le Rat while visiting France, PaperMonster honed his skills, creating more and more delicate stencils, and learning more about international graffiti history. PaperMonster has shown at the legendary Stolen Space Gallery in London, the Melbourne Stencil Festival, as well as tons of galleries here in the US. His work shows the influence of street art pioneers Banksy and Faile, but with the pastel color palette of 80’s Pop Artist Patrick Nagel. In addition to honing his artistic skills, the multifaceted artist stays busy with products for ADM Skateboards, contributing works for books and magazines like Stencil Nation by Russell Howze and Rokon Magazine, and developing his own clothing line, Vengeance Clothing.