The latest  release from the astounding Criterion Collection is Wim Wenders, iconic 1984 movie “Paris, Texas”.

Winner of the Cannes Film Festival’s Palme d’Or it is the tale of a man trying to piece his life back together after years lost in a personal wilderness, it features a career defining central performance from Harry Dean Stanton.  Its an amazing work of art and one that every discerning film fan should check out, but of particular interest to slamxhype readers will be the stunning camera work which chronicles the bleak and desolate Texas landscape of sprawling deserts and crumbling billboards which alongside musician Ry Cooder’s evocative blues slide guitar and the authentic western workwear sported by the characters creates veritable Americana porn for all you heritage fetishists out there.


For over 20 years now The Criterion Collection has been giving film fans the ultimate home movie experience with their expertly crafted versions of some of the best films ever committed to celluloid.  Picking genuine classics and cult favourites they remaster each movie to its original pristine condition, ensure the highest quality transfer and add sumptuous packaging to produce without a doubt the best DVD and Blu Ray releases on the market.  This is no exception with a hard bound cover that puts most over priced coffee table art monographs to shame.

“Paris, Texas” is available now from www.criterion.com