Every sixth Thursday in Antwerp galleries stay open till late so people can hop between bars and art spaces. It has become so popular that people are traveling across Europe to participate. The last event took place on Thursday 10th September at galleries such as FiftyOne, Pocketroom, Tim Van Laere and Zeno X. The stand out show was Park 3 ‘Memories Of Glass’ featuring 16 artists, installations, visual artworks, performances and music involving artists are; Irene Alvarez, Lliure Briz, Athos Burez, Petrus Heeren, Sébastien Hendrickx, Bram de Jonghe, Warre Mulder, Lou Oshin, Mikes Poppe, Gauthier Oushoorn Meggy Rustamova, Jan Rymenants, Caroline Van den Eynden, Hannelore van Dijck, Bart van Merode and Ida Wollens. The next event is taking place on Thursday 22nd October, and having had such a great response be sure to witness next months event.