Parra has become one of the most popular names in Street Culture over the past few years, his own brand Rockwell has become a huge hit, his graphics hold a unique look and feel that has allowed his name and work to become easily recognisable. Anthem Magazine caught up with the 32 year old artist in Amsterdam to find out more.

How did you break out from being a local artist doing flyers in Amsterdam, to reach the level you are at today?

This art director literally picked a flyer I had done up off the street and tracked me down. Amsterdam is really small, so he found me in a day. Back then, everybody was into design, and everything was nice and straight, and I had done this weird flyer with hand-written fonts, so it stood out for that period. He was looking for an illustrator to do a campaign for a sneaker store. He dragged me in and that really gave me a push. So I just started drawing more and more, and began to be able to live off my work. After I had a solo art show in London, I got picked up by the agency Big Active and everything went easier from there.”

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