Women & Supreme Management host Transformations, the first solo exhibit of photos by V Mag photographer and contributer Paul Rowland as we get set for fashion week. Transformations is a photographic portrait exploration by photographer Paul Rowland. The images reflect the artist’s interest in not who is in front of the camera, but rather what one could imagine there. Taken from the past five years of image making, this show attempts to distill an underlying current of the artist’s process.

Transformations, employing fashion models as subjects, looks into a world that does not exist. An environment, a subject, an emotional state brought forward through the making of the photograph, where meaning is created rather than found. The subject, along with the artist, helps to bridge the expanse between fiction and reality. In doing so the world presented in the photograph is a concoction of the mind upon which the viewer can lay bear their imagination.

Transformations represents models as characters. The large-scale, mostly black and white photographs illustrate current trends in fashion photography: hunched shoulders, vacant expressions, and individualistic beauty. There are several pictures of each model, indicating their conversion of identity as they adapt different personalities through changes in costume.

Paul Rowland
Women & Supreme Management
136 10th Avenue (Ground Floor)
Noon – 6pm
02.13 through 02.20.09
Opening reception: 02.12.09 6-9pm

Thanks to This.Heart.Is.On.Fire for the news.