Paul Smith has shown throughout time, within his collections and personal interest, that he has a love for the arts. His SPACE GALLERY is a platform intended to showcase the minds of British and European artists to the Japanese market. Paul Smith’s new feature exhibit is entitled: Dream Empire by Keiichi Tanaami and Pete Fowler. The collection holds firm to Mr. Smith’s initial idea of blending English and Japanese art.


Inspiration for the artwork is rooted in the musical styling of Super Furry Animals and their album art for Dark Days/Light Years. Both artist took careful time to inspect and collect mounds of images to compile an abstract art direction. Fowler and Tanaami blended their separate psychedelic intuitions creating an alternate universe.

Tanaami personal theme “Mysterious Journey to an Alien World” takes a firm lead in the direction on the exhibition. SPACE GALLERY will be housing their collaborative works from Aug 1-23.

Thanks PS.