In 2005 Peter Saville showed his Estate, or archive of works, in Zurich. Given his archives were not yet complete, he left a room of work in progress, with inspirations and tools laid on tables, except for one plastic bird, which he mounted on a plinth. This inspired Saville’s concept for ‘Accessories to an Artwork’, currently showing at the Paul Stolper gallery in London. The designer best known for his work with Factory Records, designed a white cardboard, flatpack plinth, for sale in a limited edition of 200. The exhibition showcases the plinths with ‘work’ by a selection of Saville’s peers and friends including Hans Ulrich Obrist, Thomas Demand, Gavin Turk and Jarvis Cocker, each allowed to place whatever they wish on their plinth. Check them out inside.

Info: Wallpaper.