Living Proof Magazine have compiled an insightful video interview with Colorado native Peter Sutherland, a photographer whose raw approach has captured the attention.

“Peter Sutherland has the uncanny ability to co-produce and correspond with a subject, whether it’s graffiti writers, fixed-gear riders, deer, tree branches, or the people of a war-stricken foreign land, allows Peter’s subjects to direct his photograph – all he has to do is snap the shutter”.

These studies of various cultural and social pieces, places, and things, almost all done in a set, represent more than what you see on the glossy paper. In doing so, Peter has created a new method of photography that mars the representation with the theme – making it nearly impossible to fully understand the significance of what you see. If you look close enough, you can find the simple things that Peter spies through his viewfinder, and those simple things are truly what make the world go around”.

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