Slam X Hype loves Peter Sutherland, a New York City based artist, because Peter knows how to capture the hidden beauty of ordinary objects and everyday situations through various mediums. He has released several publications and films, most recently Buck Shots (powerHouse Books) and Tierney Gearon: The Mother Project (Zeitgeist Films), he also shot for the new catalogue Around and around by P.A.M. and he’s preparing a tee-shirt for Slam X Hype Creative Director, Adam Bryce’s line Nevermind! Read our interview…


SLAMXHYPE – You are a graphic designer, a film-maker and a photographer. Are you trying to express the same thing through different medias?

PETER SUTHERLAND – Hmmm, I don’t consider myself to be a graphic designer. I just think of all of it as “art making” or expressing myself and hopefully entertaining myself and making something others can relate to in the process. I work in different mediums but I don’t get “techy” with any of them. All the mediums are a means to an end, which is the final product. I think I would get bored if I only did one thing.

SXH – Are you traveling all the time? Your photos give the impression you have no place like home.

PS – I travel at least one week out of every month.  When I’m on the road I shoot a lot more photos than I do when I’m home in NYC.  So maybe the photos create the illusion that I’m always truckin’.
SXH – Which photographers, directors or graphic designers are your favorites and why?

PS – There are so many, for photos I really like Eggleston, Tim Barber, Nick Haggard, Boogie, Todd Jordan, Michelle Cortez, T. Richardson, Hanna Liden, Paul Graham, Jerry Hsu ,Alec Soth, Roe Etheridge, Richard Prince, my friends Kevin Trageser and Gerhard Stochl, , the list goes on.  Filmmakers are The Maysles,
Cohen Bros, George Green (directed Mad Max), Herzog, Bruce Sinofski, Fredrick Wiseman, Scorcese, and many others.  I don’t know that many graphic designers, but I really like guys that made The Situationalist International.  I have a book of that work and it must have been revolutionary when it came out (1957-1972).  I also like a lof of early  gangsta rap/metal record cover stuff, but I have no idea who to name for that work.

SXH – Could you tell us a little about The rise and fall of Gator, (did he agree with the title)?

PS – I think he was supportive of the film, but I don’t know what he thought of the title.  The director, Helen Stickler had a relationship with him, I never met him.

SXH – What books are you currently reading?

PS -I just finished “The Road” by Cormac McArthy, now I’m reading “Blood Meridian”. Also reading The Nick Drake “Pink Moon” book from the 33.3 series.

SXH – What music are you currently listening to?

PS – At this moment I hear “The House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals.  I really like music and find it as a constant source of inspiration.  I heard a Peter Tosh song with a chorus: “Live Clean and Let Your Work Be Seen”  I’ve been thinking about that song for weeks.

SXH – What is the best place in the world?

PS – The first place I thought of is E. 6TH Street and Avenue A in NYC.  This was the first place I came to in NYC and where I lived for my first 7 years here.

SXH – When was the turning point at which you realized you wanted to become an artist?

PS – I was 23 and my brother gave me a 35mm camera, it felt good.  I have been working at it since then so I guess that would be the beginning.  I think I’ve always liked art but didn’t know I could do it until I had my own camera.

SXH – I saw that you took pictures for the last PAM “aroundandaround” catalogue. How did this collaboration happened? any more collaborations with them to come?

PS – I was lucky enough to show some work at PAM’s “Someday Gallery” in Melbourne, AU in 2005.  Since then we stayed in touch and have worked on  a few projects together.  They are some of my favorite artists so I’m excited to work with them on whatever they have going on.  There is talk of doing another book in
the future but I will not say anymore than that. They always have new work flowing.

SXH – So what’s next?

PS – Try to healthy and play a lot of soccer (CSC!!). Working on some gallery shows one for the end of 2007 in NYC and one for next spring in LA.  I started a small publishing project called The first book is called “Emportant News” by Mark Gonzales and 9 more books will come out over the next 2 years or so. Thanks to Adam for asking me to take part in Nevermind + be well.

Interview by : Alexandre Stipanovich