The New York times has recently taken the drive south to Philadelphia to check out the art scene happenings there. With a in depth look into Fluxspace, a collective of artists working and showing together in a former textile mil, the Philadelphian art scene started to unravel itself. From The Fabric Warehouse and Museum; a place where world class artists collaborations alongside educational prospects to Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Study; where artists collectively share ridiculously low studio rent, holding lectures and seminars. Steve Powers aka ESPO has now returned back to his home town of Philadelphia to work with The Mural Arts Program and local artists to create a series of more than thirty huge text-based murals. Collectively titled ‘Love Letter‘ the murals are all taking place along Market Street. From a now New york based artist with such works already known for their romantic connotations such as ‘Forever Starts When You Say Yes’ and ‘Pre-pay is on/Lets talk/Till my minutes are gone’, this urban project will take Powers back to his roots and put his efforts into a community that he once lived in. 

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