Whenever I’m in Paris I make sure I visit the good people from Pigalle, Stephane and his crew and making things happen in a way unlike anyone else. Stephane “The Mayor” Ashpool, owner of the Pigalle boutique and member of the Pain O choKolat crew was given the honourable task as artistic director of the renovation of the court in the very same area that he spent his childhood and now home to his boutique! Nike wanted to give the young and the old of the neighbourhood a place to play basketball in perfect conditions, the unveiling event was hosted by Lebron James. Promised and delivered! Stephane called upon his collegue and friend, Yué “Nyo” Wu to dress up the four walls of the new Pigalle – Duperre basketball court  and recreate images of the people from the neighbourhood sat alongside Futura, Grace Jones, Serge Gainsbourg, Pedro Winter…and many more watching the pros switch.image-210