Ahead of Graffuturism group show L’Avenir, which opens this weekend (December 14th) at White Walls Gallery in San Francisco, art blog Arrested Motion was able to catch up with exhibition curator, Poesia. As an artist, Poesia has maintained a prolific output through his work with the Transcend collective — a group of artists who have really been pushing the boundaries of ‘graffiti’ over the last few years — developing a style which is identifiable by its abstract, often minimalist angle. Poesia is also the founder of the Graffuturism blog, which is always a source of inspiration and knowledge if you’re inclined to follow such things.

Check out an extract from the interview below and head over here for the full feature.

First of all, can you tell us a little bit about your background? I know you’ve been pounding walls since the 90s, but do you have any formal art schooling at all? You seem to have a broad knowledge of historical art movements as well as an encyclopedic grasp of graffiti culture…

I have no formal training other than a semester or two in junior college. I have always been the type of person that delves into whatever I’m focused on – studying and learning has always been important to me. Coming from the early nineties scene, I was able to learn the history of New York graffiti through books about subway and spray can art but I was really able to see the scope of graffiti through sharing flicks and writing other artists internationally. During the magazine era pre-internet I was able to see the potential early on of a global art form. Through graffiti, I was introduced to art and I also set out to learn as much about art history as I could. I thought if I was to become an artist I should learn about that history as well.

And of course you’re part of the Transcend collective. How did you come to run with that crew?

I don’t know how Joker found me but I was honored when he reached out to me and later asked me to be part of Transcend. I was influenced by his work and ability to think progressively, so maybe he saw something in me.