Skateboarding is firmly in the mainstream now, skateboard art, and skateboarders turned artists are everywhere, yet skate films have been slow to be recognised as an art form in themselves.  So its great to see that MOMA in New York will be showing an evening of skate videos. In honor of the MoMA retrospective Spike Jonze: The First 80 Years, PopRally has invited producer and photographer Patrick O’Dell (of Epicly Later’d) to create a special compilation of seminal skateboard videos from the 1980s to today. Jonze, whose own contributions to the genre will be featured, notes that, “Skate videos have been a big influence and a big part of what I’ve done for a long time. They are how I got into film, actually.” This unique screening is followed by a conversation with legendary skateboarders and filmmakers, including Jonze, Lance Mountain, Greg Hunt, Jake Phelps, Ty Evans, and other surprise guests.

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