The latest artist to feature on POST NEW is the hugely talented Lucien Smith. I was fortunate enough to fire a handful of questions in his directions, with topic of discussion including much about his upbringing and his approach to art, which has enjoyed rave reviews for an artist who has the world at his feet. In additon, we were lucky enough to have Smith’s good friend, Kyle Yanagihara, stop by and shoot him at work in his studio completing a great piece.

James Oliver: Can you provide us with a bit of insight into your childhood?

Lucien Smith: My mother moved around a lot when I was a child. I spent some time living with my dad in Louisiana when I was in High School. That was probably the biggest change for me.

JO: What are some of your earliest influences as an artist?

LS: When I started at Cooper I began looking at a lot of art. I remember looking at Ruscha throughout my early years of college. Twombly, Richter, Brice Marden, and Ellsworth Kelly were also artists who I was interested in at the time; my brain was really geared toward painting. At the end of my second year I became more interested in the “artist career”—I started looking at Koons, Hirst, David Hammons, Richard Prince, Jimmy Durham, Rudolf Stingel, John McCracken, Jason Rhoades and Felix Gonzalez-Torres.

JO: You were born in Los Angeles and now you live and work in New York City, what part do you feel this plays on your work?

LS: None at all. If anything, living and working upstate has been a big change in my life and has probably influenced my work the most.

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