I am sure you are all aware of the horrendous tragedy that has befallen the people of Haiti,The Poster Cause Project is helping raise money for the relief project with three new open-edition prints designed by Dalek, Shane Jessup and Patricio Oliver. 100% of the profits are going to Doctors Without Borders and with all three prints priced at only $15 each, it is a great way to give to this most pressing of causes.


If you want to help the people if Haiti most countries across the globe have set up some kind of relief fund and lots of ways to donate.

In the US if you text the word Haiti to 90999 you can donate 10$US to the Red Cross.

In the UK if you text “GIVE” to 70077 you can donate £5 to the DEC for Haiti.

Visit your local Red Cross site for more info on how you can help.