Opening last night (September 18th) in Berlin, Circle Culture Gallery presents Cult, a new solo show by Aaron Rose. One of the leading names in modern urban art today, Rose has been involved in the movement in various capacities over the years, owning/directing Alleged Gallery in New York for a decade and co-curating the museum exhibition Beautiful Losers: Contemporary Art & Street Culture from 2006-2009, as well as the directing the feature documentary film Beautiful Losers. In 2011 he also co-curated the phenomenally well-received Art In The Streets exhibiton at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) with Roger Gastman and Jeffrey Deitch.

Cult will concern itself with symbols and cult mentality, paying tribute to the cults of personality, the cults of particular social groups, the cults of belief systems, cults of love, cults of acceptance, cults of success, etc. By using graphic elements such as hand-lettering, symbolism and numerology, various pieces of vintage clip art and simple shapes, Rose has created a series of strong, figurative, graphic portraits.

“Art is much more than the sum of the parts of its construction. Great art succeeds not just because of the image, but also as the result of the cult that surrounds it and gives it meaning.  Being that this will be the final exhibition at Circle Culture Gallery in its current location, I cannot think of a more touching sentiment. My exhibition is a tribute to all of the artists, gallery staff, collectors and fans who have passed through those doors on Gipsstraße. An entire community of people dedicated to this strange cult that we call art.” – Aaron Rose